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Our Mission

ASC is a full service, After-Market Sales Origination, that provides Parts and Logistical support for a wide range of Aircraft Operators and DOM's.
We can offer "Calibration services” and maintenance for specialized equipment and test banks

ASC offers specialized training for Pilot, flight attendant and Mechanics with large experience trainers.

 Aviation Support Center, Managed Repair Service is a Turn Key System that removes the uncertainty of LRU or Component level repairs. We ensure that all repairs are completed professionally with all pertinent certifications attached with the returned unit...and foremost, the repairs are completed in a timely manner. We offer value pricing with strong warranties issued by companies with corresponding FAA certified Repair Facilities. The deep discounts that we offer on our repairs are because of the long association that we established with Specialized Repair Facilities. Aviation support Center ASC  is constantly supervising the repair process to achieve efficient repairs with prompt turnarounds. We take all of the stress out of your repair processes! Once we are engaged to manage your repairs, we track all shipments and deliveries to the various facilities so that we can expedite the evaluations, then with your approval we initiate the repairs. Furthermore, we monitor all of your cores returns so that we avoid unnecessary rental or late fees. Our customers appreciate our Managed Repair Service because it allows them the time to devote their energies to managing their business.

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